We Fought Hard - How We Won, How We Fight Now

Once again, the winner of the popular vote for President of the United States has been defeated in an election.

The amount of post-election analysis already posted today is staggering, but this fact should not be forgotten. It's representative of deep problems with our democracy, both structurally and functionally.

The Green Party ran a principled campaign for President, opposing racism, sexism, Islamaphobia, and the entire “least worst” political culture – all important contributing factors in getting us to the political reality of today.


There will be no more prescient advice in moving forward than that of the great labor movement martyr Joe Hill, whose famous advice upon his death was “Don't waste any time mourning. Organize!”

As always, Greens stand with all of those individuals and communities opposed to the Trump agenda, both in the streets, and at the ballot box. We will continue to support 15 NOW, Black Lives Matter, #NoDAPL, and stopping the border wall.

It matters who is in the White House, but as the great people's historian Howard Zinn wrote, it also matters “who is sitting in.” Our people's movements of today have the ability to create tremendous positive change. The election results from last night do not alter that reality.

“It is a source of comfort to know that in Minnesota we live in communities filled with caring, open-minded, accepting supportive and engaged people. It is more important than ever that we commit to continuing to make progress where we can at the local level. Clearly, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Let us all commit now to working harder than ever for a more just, democratic, peaceful and sustainable world for everyone.” – Green Minneapolis Councilmember Cam Gordon

In Minnesota, Jill Stein received nearly 37,000 votes for President, the most for a Green since 2000, and enough to qualify the party for minor party status until 2020.

Lena Buggs became the first Green ever to be elected in Ramsey County, winning a seat on the Ramsey County Soil & Water District Board.

In Anoka County, Greens Sharon Lemay and Steve Laitinen were both elected to the Anoka County Soil & Water District Board as well.

These wins were for small, local offices; races won by hard-working candidates, campaigning at the grass roots. They were small wins, but they are an important basis for future growth. All around the state of Minnesota, seeds of Green activity were sown this election, from Grand Rapids to St. Cloud, Rochester to Duluth, St. Paul to Fergus Falls.

We are committed to continuing to grow our party, and to redoubling our efforts to fight for our four pillars: ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, and nonviolence.

The Green Party of Minnesota would like to thank our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for helping us maintain minor party status, our down-ballot candidates (and congratulations to our new Green electeds!), and our awesome volunteers and party officials who put in so much hard work to make all of this happen.

We face a new political climate today but we face it with courage and determination. Fighting the “Trumpismo” politics that that have been growing in strength for years will take all of us and we encourage you to join us in that fight by becoming a member and sustaining donor today.

We also urge everyone to join us tomorrow at the anti-Trump protest in Minneapolis where a left-coalition will stand firm in our rejection of hate and corporate rule. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/324672037888401/


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