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The Green Party of Minnesota (GPMN) is a grassroots organization dedicated to the values of the international Green movement. The GPMN strives to build a society in which all can lead full and productive lives in harmony with each other and with nature. The movement is inspired by the interrelated Four Pillars of Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Social and Economic Justice and Grassroots Democracy.


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    Sunflower Seed E-Newsletter June 2016

          Welcome to the June 2016 issue of the Sunflower Seed! In this issue you will find out how to become a sustaining donor, read about the first Green elected President, our recent Biennial Convention, Green endorsed candidates, and Green Presidential ballot access in Minnesota! We need YOU to become a sustaining donor! It's never too late to become a monthly sustaining donor. Giving as little as $5 monthly, or as much as you can, helps grow our Party and allows us to provide principled political alternatives. Anything helps! Sign up here: Become a Sustaining Donor
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    Supporting Efforts to Further Transgender Equity in Minneapolis

    In light of the recent outrageous and even hateful reports related to how transgender people are being treated by some units of government, it was particularly moving and, I hope, significant that our local City Council passed a resolution yesterday that will commit the city to 3 things: 
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