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The Green Party of Minnesota (GPMN) is a grassroots organization dedicated to the values of the international Green movement. The GPMN strives to build a society in which all can lead full and productive lives in harmony with each other and with nature. The movement is inspired by the interrelated Four Pillars of Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Social and Economic Justice and Grassroots Democracy.


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    Minnesota Third Party Joint Response to Franken Resignation

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: St. Paul, Minnesota (December 7, 2017) - We find Minnesota in an embarrassing national spotlight due to the egregious and inappropriate behavior of one of our highest office elected public servants, Senator Al Franken. We fully accept, and approve of, his resignation today as it signals his admission that he has broken our public trust and the ability to represent us Minnesotans.
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    Greens Win Two Seats In Minneapolis On Election Night

    In a night which saw progressive gains across the country, Minneapolis Greens returned Cam Gordon to the City Council in Minneapolis for his fourth term, and maintained a presence on the Minneapolis Park Board as well, where LaTrisha Vetaw won a seat at-large, and will replace retiring Green Annie Young on that body.
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