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Cameron Gordon, Minneapolis City Council

cam_gordon.jpgCam was first elected to the City Council Ward 2 in 2005 and has been re-elected twice, in 2009 and 2013. 

Cam has lived in Minneapolis all his life and in or near the second ward since 1977 in the Cedar-Riverside, Longfellow and Seward neighborhoods. He has owned a duplex in Seward since 1991 where he lives with his family.

Cam graduated from West High School in Minneapolis in 1973 and with distinction from the University of Minnesota in 1977. After getting his Bachelor of Science degree in education, Cam went on to complete extensive graduate work in early childhood development and Montessori education. He is a writer, musician and accomplished Montessori teacher. Before being elected in 2005 he operated a small child care program and children's music company with Sarah and was Associate Editor of the nationally distributed education newspaper, Public School Montessorian. He is author of Together with Montessori, a guide to help parents and staff work together in harmony to create better schools.

Over that past 28 years he has worked in the community as a teacher, community organizer and performer as well as a reporter for the neighborhood newspaper, the Seward Profile, and editor of its West Bank Stories section.

Website: www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/ward2

Facebook Page here

Twitter: @CameronAGordon


Annie Young, Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner

annie_young.jpgBefore serving on the Park Board, Young built a reputation as an environmental activist, a food and cancer educator, a neighborhood leader, and an outspoken opponent of Hennepin County's plans to route garbage through an East Phillips industrial area.

Young was first elected to the Minneapolis Park Board in 1989 drawing on years of experience as a North and South Side community activist. In her first run, Young edged out Barb Johnson, then a metro parks commissioner and now president of the City Council, by four votes.

Annie is now the third-longest-serving park commissioner in history.
She has fought to reduce how much parkland is mowed, particularly on hillsides and shores, championed lake quality, integrated pest management, promoted cleaning park buildings with green products, and negotiated a dramatic reduction in use of herbicides with park operations staff.

Website here

Facebook Page here

Lena Buggs, Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor, District 4

lena_buggs.jpgLena has made Saint Paul her hometown for nearly seven years. She is married with children, living in the North End Neighborhood of the City Of Saint Paul.

Lena currently serves as Coordinating Committee member of the Green Party Of Minnesota. She is also the project coordinator, for the North End Village Community Rain Garden, in association with District 6 Planning Counsel, Ward 5 City Counsel office and Capital Region Watershed District respectively.

When free time permits, she can be found engaging the community in environmental issues, seen out supporting local small businesses, or working on the next campaign to champion water quality and conservation techniques, for residents living in Ramsey County!

Lena was elected to the Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation Board in 2016.

"I am Green because the two party system continues to ignore the African American community The Green Party champions diversity and Equality".

Website: http://lena4soilandwater.com

Facebook Page here

Twitter: @Lena4SWCD

Sharon LeMay - Anoka County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor, District 5 

SharonLemay.jpegSharon has lived in East Bethel since 1998. During that time, she has developed a great appreciation for the wetlands and natural areas in her district which serve as a water recharge area for the metro area. She has been interested in green living since participating in the first Earth Day and has engaged in continuing education on various “green” subjects like sustainability and climate change ever since. 

Sharon is a co-founder of the 6th CD Green Party, and currently serves as Co-Chair/Secretary. She works for the State of Minnesota and is a member of the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE) where she is a union steward and serves on the statewide Constitution and Rules Committee. She holds a BA from Metro State University majoring in Philosophy. 
In her free time, she volunteers for various organizations fighting to end our dependence on fossil fuels along with other social/environmental justice issues. Closer to home, she is working on creating a permaculture garden in her backyard. 
Sharon was elected to the Anoka County Soil and Water Conservation Board in 2016.
"I'm Green because I think the Green Party offers us the best path forward to the future. It is a party that understands the balance between the natural world and the humans who would attempt to remake it for their own purposes. 
We must honor the Earth and protect its resources both because nature has a right to exist, and our lives, and the lives of future generations, depend upon it. Coupled with this is the Green's dedication to justice in all spheres--political, social, economic--and the fact it is an international movement which acknowledges we are all in this together and we should not be pitting nation against nation, but rather working together as citizens of Earth." --Sharon LeMay

Facebook here

 Steven Laitinen - Anoka County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor, District 1

15046188_10209942065603281_1780966942_n.jpgBio coming soon!










GPMN Coordinating Committee


Brandon Long, Party Chair

brandon_long.jpgBrandon’s political start was born in the Occupy Movement in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After volunteering for Jill Stein’s first Presidential campaign and arriving in St. Paul for his Masters program he became involved with numerous local and state Green Party campaigns as a field and social media coordinator.

Brandon is a founding member of Fossil Free Saint Paul and helped successfully pass the Saint Paul Fossil Free Resolution in 2016. While a student Brandon also organized to bring composting to Saint Catherine University and is actively involved with 15 Now and other local justice movements.

Twitter: @BLongStPaul


Deanna Murphy

DeannaMurphy.pngDeanna Murphy, St. Cloud, just completed her Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Communication, with a minor in Applied Relational Conflict Management, at St. Cloud State University, and is pursuing further graduate studies there in the social justice arena. She has been a member of the lay Buddhist organization, Soka Gakkai International, since 2007. Previous community activities involve outreach and support while an active member of this organization, volunteering at a Domestic Abuse shelter in Eagan, Minn., and volunteering with a local neighborhood community service organization.

Murphy is new to the Green Party and is very enthusiastic about helping to promote the goals of the Green Party in the coming years.

“I am attracted to the Green Party’s slogan of ‘People, Peace, and Planet over Profit’, as this fits right in with the mission of my Buddhist practice, whose main goal is one of World Peace and teaches that the happiness of oneself and others is central to this goal,” she said. 

“I look forward to working with and supporting the green Party in every capacity, the only progressive party left out there which takes making a difference to heart.”


Lena Buggs

Lena.jpgLena currently serves as Coordinating Committee member of the Green Party Of Minnesota. She is also the project coordinator, for the North End Village Community Rain Garden, in association with District 6 Planning Counsel, Ward 5 City Counsel office and Capital Region Watershed District respectively.






Andy Hamerlinck

andy_hamerlinck.jpgAndy lives in St. Paul and works as a union organizer.

He has been a Green Party member since 1999 and, in addition to being on the GPMN Coordinating Committee, is very active in the 4th Congressional District Green Party.





Andy Schuler

andy_schuler.jpgAndy Schuler is a political artist and activist. Andy has volunteered with numerous third party campaigns over the years and was himself a candidate for Golden Valley City Council in 2015. His top priorities are proportional representation and legalizing recreational cannabis use.





Jim Ivey

jim_ivey.jpgBio Coming Soon!









Kristin Olson

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