CC meeting minutes March 11, 2023

GPMN Coordinating Committee working and planning meeting

Saturday, March 11 

Walker Library, uptown Minneapolis

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Present: Holle Brian, Cam Gordon, Seth Kuhl-Stennes, Adam Schneider, David Strand

No online participants


1) Agenda

It was noted that meeting agendas need to be posted seven days in advance in order for action to be taken, which was not done. It was agreed that the March 11 meeting should be a working and planning session of the CC and that decision-making be moved to the next CC meeting.


2) Cam appointed facilitator.


3) Secretary role

Holle has volunteered to act as a secretary to the CC. Her role will include taking meeting minutes, preparing meeting agendas, document management and electronic communication. Holle is currently active in her local DFL chapter in SD28, and wanted to make sure there were no concerns about her participation in this role. No objections were raised.


4) CC roles and responsibilities


- Structure

Currently there are seven interim CC members: Seth Kuhl-Stennes (Mpls/5CD), Samantha Pree-Gonzalez (at large), Tom Dunwald (at large), Cam Gordon (at large), Adam Schneider (at large), Michelle Parker (2nd CD) and David Strand (at large). Seth is party chair. Becki Smith is treasurer. 


- Locals

As far as we know, the only active local is the Minneapolis/5th District Green Party. The St. Paul Green Party is not active. The 4th CDGP’s treasurer, Darnella, has recently filed reports, but it is not active. 3rd CDGP has closed down. 


- CC roles

Previously the GPMN CC has had two co-chairs (only one is listed in our state filings); an executive committee; and designated spokespeople. Other roles could include a financial committee and a social media/database committee. Adam noted that this interim CC is more of a working group than a governing body. Seth is willing to continue as party chair but may be stepping down after the next Mpls/5CD election. It was agreed that for now all current CC members could act as spokespeople for the GPMN.


- Finances

Julie Madden has stepped down as GPMN treasurer. Hers was a paid position. Thank you Julie for many years of service! Becki Smith doesn’t want to continue as treasurer. The CC needs to evaluate our budget and see how much we can pay an accountant, then recruit. Possible candidates include Jesse Lickle and Sam Pree-Gonzalez. In addition, we would like to find a better bank that is more consistent with our needs and values. Sam had mentioned she could work on this.


HR1374 - legislation has been proposed to replace the PCRP with “Democracy Dollars” - a state fund for people to designate for the candidate or party of their choice, without going through the donation and refund process. This will be very helpful to political accountants if it passes. The GPMN is not eligible for the PCRP.


- Website / social media


The GPMN’s official website is It is linked to the GPMN database, which is also in National Builder. Theoretically our database is also linked to the national Nation Builder database. Currently Seth and Adam are administrators for the website. Right now, its latest content is from 2021; there are broken links and outdated info. Former CC members have been removed from the site.


The GPMN has a Twitter account, Green Party of MN (#MnGreens) which also has not been updated since 2021. 


The GPMN has an official Facebook page. It is active and up-to-date. There are other GP Facebook pages, but we should only be concerned with the official GPMN one. Brandon is an administrator.  


The GPMN has an Instagram account. There is only one post on the page, a photo of Dave’s building. 


5) Rebuilding / Healing 


Discussion points: “Greens Are Rebuilding”


- We need to engage our members in the rebuilding process, and do outreach to organizations and groups not currently in the Green Party. Invite all to join a conversation.


- The CC agreed to make a visioning survey to email to our members and supporters, with questions about priorities, issues, the goals and future of the Green Party, revisiting the 10KV, demographic and geographic info, and maintaining anti-racism work as part of the GP identity. The survey should include a list of ways to get involved. Adam volunteered to work on this survey.


- The CC agreed to make a second survey to give to outside organizations with the hope of involving our allies in the discussion. Cam volunteered to work on this survey.


- The CC agreed to host an online visioning meeting, to be held in the spring, to encourage input from members outside the metro area.


- Note that the GPMN Annual Meeting will need to be held in June or July, and that the CC should begin planning for that.


6) Endorsements


The CC endorsed the following issues, legislation and campaigns by consensus:


a. East Phillips Neighborhood Institute’s efforts to stop the demolition of the Roof Depot, as well as their plan to turn it into an urban farm, community space, and small business hub.


b. The bill to bring Ranked Choice Voting to state and federal elections.


c. The MN Environmental Justice Table’s effort to phase out and shut down the HERC (The GPMN will be a signed endorser for this campaign).


d. Opposing efforts to raise the bar for getting political party status (SF1827).



Next CC meeting will Saturday, April 8 from 1-3 at Bottineau Library.



— minutes submitted by Holle Brian 



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