GPMN Coordinating Committee July 2018 Minutes (Approved))

Green Party of Minnesota Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes

July 14th, 2018

Members present : Andy Hamerlinck, Carol Mellom, Adam Schneider, Brian Mueller (quorum requirement met)


Brian - notetaking

Adam - timekeeper


State Summer Meeting Minutes from June were approved


CC Meeting Minutes from May were approved


Treasurer's report – while we are facing financial hardship, we have enough to cover current expenses, and we do have access to checkoff funds for any party-building expenses. Brian will monitor the monthly sustainer spreadsheet and contact any member whose donation lapses.


Member Support - Emma Matthies expressed an interest in helping with membership support committee and joining the CC committee. We need to provide NationBuilder training sessions for CC members and others.


Communications – Andy and Adam have been keeping up with Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook page has 5,213 likes and 5,174 followers, and Twitter has 3,021 followers. In order to maximize quality engagement, we are focusing on MN-specific content. In order to handle Green Party MN day-to-day communication, Andy H will be checking emails. Brian/Carol/Adam/Andy will be contacted when there is a phone message, and Carol will check the mailbox at 4200 Cedar. Brian will contact Jim Ivey about setting up phone notifications.


Politics – Andy and Adam met with Paula Overby, Chris Dock (Libertarian candidate for Auditor), and William Denney (Independence Party candidate for Secretary of State) to discuss common issues. Andy proposed and received agreement on common issues that all three will promote and brand as Purple Movement to advance third party ideals. They would like to use this opportunity to unify on these specific issues and present real alternatives to what has not been working in politics. We will focus on promoting our own candidate but this will also promote grassroots, non-corporate-influenced democracy of all minor parties without cross-endorsing.


Megan Kuhl Stennes, running for Hennepin County Board, has lawn signs available. Bryce Lange, running for Winona County Board, has a booth at the Winona County Fair, and a League of Women Voter's candidate forum on July 25th.


CD1 – Bryce Lange's campaign is going well, confident he will survive August 14th primary. We had two new members join us from Lanesboro at our local meeting last Wednesday. Gauging interest in organizing as CD1 Greens to be able to connect Greens across our large geographic area and fill the CD1 vacancy on the CC.


CD4 – Nature walk with David Crawford and Diane Peterson last week. Planning a wastewater treatment plant tour and Zero Waste education opportunities.


CD5 – endorsement meeting today consindering Les Lester for US Representative


Other CDs – The Green Party of House District 17B submitted their bylaws and officers for approval as an official local. Their treasurer can get free training from the MN Campaign Finance Board . Approved by consensus.


GPUS – Barb Huning resigned as GPUS delegate. Current delegates – Andy Schuler, Dee Murphy, Kaleb (Joel Fischer). There are three unfilled slots. We need to explore improved coordination between delegates and CC.

CC Orientation – We will convene separate organizational meeting once CC is better filled out,


State Fair – Lots of activity. Committee met several times. Chelsea Palmer is coordinating recruiting (72 shifts available - 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm, 5pm-9pm each day). Training dates for volunteers will be Wednesday, August 15, 6:30pm-7:30pm, and Saturday, August 18, 11am-noon, at 4200 Cedar Ave downstairs room. CC proposes one literature piece and one sign for each Green endorsed candidate be allowed at the booth. Approved by consensus.


Four open seats for at-large CC openings – Samantha Pree-Stinson, Emma Matthies, and Bryce Lange are currently interested. We will try to have elections concurrent with the August CC meeting (8/11) starting at 1:30 (tentatively) Brian will contact Bryce, Andy will reach out to Samantha, Adam will reach out to Emma. Carol will talk to Dave about availability of the downstairs room at 4200 Cedar. Brian will set up webpage and email on NB announcing special election. Will need blank paper for ballots at special election. Carol Mellom will serve as interim party chair until after the special election and will contact the SoS and Campaign Finance Board to notify them of the change.


Adjourned 3:20pm

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