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Duluth played host to a great Green Party of Minnesota Membership Meeting last month. This issue of the Sunflower Seed recaps that meeting, as well as the successful petitioning Greens engaged in on behalf of the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign. Green volunteers teamed with local activists to help put the campaign over the top on the number of signatures it needed to put Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot in Duluth this fall!

There are just a few short days left to make a fully refundable donation of up to $50 to the Green Party of Minnesota! Donate by June 30th, and you will receive a receipt to submit to the State of Minnesota for the Political Contribution Refund Program. To donate, go to:

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Green Party of Minnesota Endorses #BoycottMOA

March 10, 2015

Green Party of Minnesota.


Members of the Green Party were privileged to be in attendance at this morning's courthouse demonstration in solidarity with the #MOA11 as well as the other 25 MOA demonstrators that have been charged.

The Green Party supports the Black Lives Matter movement in Minnesota addressing systemic injustice and the possibilities for a better world, as it has since its inception.

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