Remebering George Floyd


Anniversary of the Murder Of George Floyd, MN Green Party Demands Reforms Now!

     The murder of George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who has been convicted of murder and the response by the community afterward shook the world. The Green Party of Minnesota is glad that the family of George Floyd will visit the White House. However, some of our members would feel more safe going to work, having their children play, going to school and raising children in Minnesota and across the United States if the state and federal government would pass meaningful legislation for Black Americans.

     The Green Party of Minnesota is calling on President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who would not have been in office without the energy of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the 90% of the Black voters, to not just meet with the family of George Floyd but to sign an executive order for the George Floyd Act and HR40 that has immediate relief attached to it for the American Descendants of Chattel Slavery that includes direct cash payment for Covid Relief and ending qualified immunity for police officers. We encourage the house and senate to vote for the bills before them that will improve the safety for black Americans not just in Minnesota, but across the whole country. 

     “It’s a shame that no meaningful police accountability measures came out of the Minnesota state capitol this Legislative session,” said Black Caucus of The Green Party of Minnesota endorsed candidate for Saint Paul School Board Jennifer McPhearson we need new bold leadership that is going to get things done at the local state and federal level the George Floyd Act will save lives.


     “The direct action that was taken last year resulting from the public murder of George Floyd is just the first step in making direct change happen. Our work doesn’t stop, we must apply constant pressure to help end the violence against Americans by the hands of police.”

     We call on everyone to reach out to your representative in Congress and demand that HR 40 and the George Floyd Act be passed. Also, call Governor Walz and demand a special session that includes deep reforms to how policing is done in Minnesota.

Black Caucus of The Green Party of Minnesota Endorses Jennifer McPherson & Dora Jones

Black Caucus of the Green Party of Minnesota is proud to announce that it has endorsed Jennifer Mc Pherson for Saint Paul School Board and Dora Jones for Saint Paul 2021 Mayoral race. Jennifer McPhearson is a strong advocate of having parents and children have more options of what schools they can attend across the City of Saint Paul. 

Dora Jones a youth housing advocate also secured the Black Caucus of the Green Party of Minnesota's endorsement. Ms. Jones is committed to an aggressive plan to end homelessness and gun violence in the City of Saint Paul. The Black Caucus is proud to endorse these two strong Black women and believes they will bring the leadership needed to help close the education gap and make Saint Paul the most livable city in America for all of its Residence.

The meeting was facilitated by Co-Chairs of the Black Caucus Toya Woodland and Reggie Moore who are dedicated to putting issues that are important to the Black community 1st by promoting Green values a Black agenda and political education in the Black community.



Derek Chauvin Guilty

Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all three counts in the murder of George Floyd. Last week was a big historic week for Green Party Activist who has been on the frontlines of the George Floyd uprising. George Floyd was murdered by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who kept his knee on George Floyd's neck for 9:26 Anti Racist activists in Minnesota also applauded the conviction of Anthony Trifeliti who murdered Douglas Lewis. Last week was seen huge wins for Police Brutality activist who also worked to get Kim Potter charged and arrested and protested and called for the Brooklyn Center Chief of Police and the city manager to resign which they did after a few nights of BLM protest in the city. Daunte Wright was murdered by Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter who said she thought her gun was her taser. The resignation of the Brooklyn Center Chief of police and the city manager including the arrest and charges against Kim Potter topped off with the conviction of Derek Chauvin all happened in a seven-day period. 

The murder of George Floyd sparked worldwide outrage and lead to the biggest protest movement in history. Although we know we can never get George Floyd or Daunte Wright back knowing that a white police officer has been convicted of killing a Black man in Minnesota something that has never happened in history gives some Black people a small glimpse of hope that the scales of justice may be balanced one day in America. Many believe this also sets precedent and will not accept anything less in unjust police-related incidents that result in death. However, the people on the ground doing the social justice work realize there is a long way to go and lots of work to do to address the systemic racial justice issues in the state of Minnesota


The Green Party of Minnesota has endorsed BLM Minnesota 12 point spring agenda which takes a holistic approach to police accountability with reparations at the center of the agenda. Addressing the racial wealth gap in the state of Minnesota is a key component in police accountability and truth and reconciliation. Bob wire fences tank the national guard thousands of police officers were not needed to keep the peace in Minnesota what kept the peace in  Minnesota as it pertains to the Derek Chauvin murder trial was some tiny form of justice a small which many hope will prevent future George Floyd and Daunte Wright police-related incidents.



Reparations Conversation at Hamline Mitchelle With CM Jane Prince, Green Activist Trahern Crews & Dr. Uhuru Wiliams

MINNEAPOLIS — On Jan. 13th, the City of St. Paul apologized for its role in institutional racism and unanimously passed a resolution to form the St. Paul Recovery Act Community Reparations Commission.

Trahern Crews, the co-chair of the steering committee for the commission says it's been a long time coming.

"For the most part, it's been a very, very positive reaction," Crews said. "I was surprised but I knew when we first started this effort, we even had to convince Black people and show them the debt and what was owed, and show them the racial wealth gap data." 

Watch the story here Reparations

If you or anyone you know preferably Saint Paul residents are interested in applying to be on the Saint Paul Recovery Act Legislative Advisory Committee the applications are available here: Applications


Reparations presentation at Hamline Mitchelle with CM Jane Prince, GPUS Co-Chair Trahern Crews, & Dr. Uhuru Williams


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Cam Gordon Green New Deal For Minneapolis

Ward 2 Forum hosted by Council Member Cam Gordon, on the topic of a Green New Deal for Minneapolis.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, and especially our very informative speakers: Patrick Hanlon, Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, Alice Madden, Nina Axelson, Isaac Smith, Stacy Miller, and Charles Frempong-Longdon.
We must rise to meet the challenge of climate change, and we have an enormous opportunity through this necessary transformation to build a better, more just, more resilient society. Hearing from these folks who are at the leading edge of these efforts leaves me more energized than ever to continue this critical work.
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Black Caucus of The Green Party of The United States Celebrating Blackness For Black History Month

The National Black Caucus of the Green Party celebrated Blackness for women's history month. The Green Party is home to many amazing Black women who are powerful organizers. From the late great Green Minneapolis Park Board member Annie Young to former Co-Chair of the Florida Green Party Robin Harris. Green Party of Ohio Co-Chair Philena Farley, Spokesperson for the GPUS Women's caucus Monica James and GPUS Black Caucus Youth Rep. Jasmine Phillips the conversation was facilitated by GPUS Co-Chair Trahern Crews 



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Green Party of Minnesota Endorses Black Lives Matter Minnesota Spring Agenda.


For Immediate Release:

Trahern Crews

March 29th 2019

[email protected]


The Green Party of Minnesota and the Green Party of the United States are demanding Justice For George Floyd and the conviction of Derek Chauvin in the Derek Chauvin murder trial. The Green Party of Minnesota fully endorses Black Lives Matter Minnesota Spring Agenda. police brutality contributes to the disparities we see in Minneapolis and around the country socially politically & economically. Steven Stampley spokeperson for the Green Party of the 4th congressional district said "what happened to George Floyd should never happen again and one way to prevent that is by enacting the Black Lives Matter Minnesota spring agenda into law". The city of Minneapolis just started a truth and reconciliation process and part of that process must be confronting police misconduct which has ruined many Black Lives in the city of Minneapolis. We encourag other organization to sign on to the aganda because it is our belief that it will save lives in the future.

Derek Chauvin Murder Trial



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Cam Gordon Announces Test wells for the Towerside Aquifer Thermal District Energy System are underway!

Test wells for the Towerside Aquifer Thermal District Energy System are underway!
This is just the most recent step toward making this amazing project a reality. The ultimate goal is to decarbonize building heating and cooling in new developments planned on the north side of University Avenue in Prospect Park. This is a big deal, because we know that natural gas is the single greatest contributor to climate change in Minneapolis. My hope is that this project will show us a new path forward for green building in our city.
The idea of the system is to use groundwater, far below the surface, as a sort of thermal "battery," storing heat in the aquifer in the summer and pulling it up in the winter. This relies on the aquifer not moving very quickly. All of the available information about this well-studied aquifer says that it moves slowly enough to work well for this kind of system - and these test wells will verify that.
The next major step is for the City to work with our Towerside partners to find the best way to support the financing for this project. My office has been leading that work for some time, and we won the strong support of the Council last year:
I want to thank everyone who has helped make this happen, including Ever-Green Energy, McKnight Foundation, Wall Companies, volunteer leaders with the Towerside Innovation District, and many City staff.
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Round Table Discussion With Black Mothers who have lost a child to law enforcement

 Del Shea Perry & Marilyn Hill discussed how their children were killed by law enforcement. Del Shea Perry son died in Beltrami county jail due to neglect and abuse. Hardel Her activism includes fighting for justice for her son and others who have died in Jails in the state of Minnesota. Up to date, her work on this issue has resulted in 56 new investigations into jail deaths in Minnesota since 2015. Marilyn Hill's son Demetrius Hill was killed by the SPPD in 1997. Ms. Hill has been fighting for justice for her son for over 20 years and spoke about her upcoming plans and events. Ms. Hill has recently been speaking at many rallies across the Twin Cities to bring awareness to police brutality. This conversation was facilitated by Marea Perry who is doing work in the area of Trauma and Health and Wellness & Green Party of the United States  Co-Chair Trahern Crews 


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Activist Hold Press Conference Before George Floyd Trial


Activists held a press conference before the start of the George Floyd Trail. Some activists voiced concerns over the excessive military/police presence and that $34 million has been invested into security measures for the trial including $1 million for fencing and barricades: $1 Million

Green Paty Co-chair Trahern Crews also spoke at the press conference to listen click here: Press Conference

Press Conference

Activist also held a silent march the Sunday before the beginning of the court case: Silent March


The Derek Chauvin murder Trial started Monday, March 8th, 2021 with a march and rally: Derek Chauvin Murder Trial March & Rally


Jury Selection resumed Tuesday: Jury Selection


Jury Selection resumed Tuesday with the 6th juror being selected on Thursday. The Judge presiding over the case reinstated manslaughter charges:

Judge Reinstates Charges








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